Portugal Living Magazine appreciates the input of freelance writers, photographers, and illustrators.

Articles published on our daily online magazine should be between 500 and 750 words. One to three photos or graphic images are appreciated to accompany your writing for publication.

Please review our daily feed for a sense of who we are and what we publish.

With no subscription revenue and extremely limited advertising income, we usually rely on tried-and-true bloggers for much of our content. We are happy to consider previously published works if they conform to our style and substance. Except under unusual circumstances, we do not pay for blog posts we publish but are happy to share your words, wit, and wisdom with our international audience.

For original submissions that we accept for publication in our award-winning magazine, we pay an honorarium of twenty-five euros (€25).

If you would like to pitch a story or photo to us, please use this email address:

Thank you for your interest and consideration of the “thoughtful magazine for people everywhere with Portugal on their minds.”

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