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Properties François and Lisa Uitermark’s amazing villa in a rural village has breathtaking views of the Serra de Estrela mountains.

Gardening with Virginia Portugal’s rich soil and climate are perfect for tending a beautiful garden. Here’s a few matters to keep in mind.

What’s the Difference between a “rua” and “largo” when referring to streets in Portugal? Even the Portuguese have a variety of opinions!

Central Portugal: A ‘Capital’ Solution? Financial inducements and speedier, more accessible broad bandwidth are two of the tools to bring back a flourishing interior. There’s another option to consider, too: Leave Lisbon (and all its attractions) where they are, but move the government operations elsewhere … to the country’s interior.

Portugal Taxes: Three Common Misconceptions International tax and finance expert Derren Joseph debunks these myths: (1) Crypto-trading is free. (2) 10% tax on pensions doesn’t apply to Americans. (3) Money collected outside of Portugal is tax-free in Portugal.

Why Is Carl Munson So Happy? An Expats Portugal ambassador, the host of Good Morning Portugal podcast, and Facebook’s Happy Homesteaders group administrator, this Anadia resident livea in Anadia (part of Arcos e Mogofores parish) with his family.

Portuguese with Leo

Escaping Lisbon Sarah Florence Foss loves her home in Lisbon … but, sometimes, she needs to get away from its hustle and bustle. Here are some of the places she goes.

An Energy-Efficient Appliance Store From solar to hybrid, ONergy Owner João Mendes insists that everything he sells and installs be top-quality and energy-efficient.

Food for Thought Many Portuguese don’t have the vaguest idea what to do with potato chip dip … its purpose or how to make it. Although easy to prepare and introduce to your friends and neighbors, some ingredients aren’t readily available in Portugal. These substitutions make easy “fixes.”

How to Introduce Permaculture to Your Property An approach to land management that adopts arrangements in flourishing natural ecosystems, Permaculture includes a set of design principles using such principles as regenerative agriculture, rewilding, and community resilience.