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Welcome to Portugal’s broad spectrum, English language magazine … with country-wide coverage. Available freely throughout Portugal and around the world — to long-time residents, newcomers, and those planning-to-move to Portugal from wherever!

With the steady increase of Americans and other English-speakers in Portugal, it was obvious that almost all news and commentary were produced and focused on one region (the Algarve) with nods to Lisbon and Porto … and, further, presumed that all English-speakers in Portugal were British.

Something more than fragmented Facebook groups and online “expat” forums was needed to cover stories of interest throughout all parts of Portugal to people residing here or in the process of relocating … from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, South Africa, Netherlands, Ireland, and other English language countries.

That’s why we created Portugal Living Magazine, the thoughtful magazine for people everywhere with Portugal on their minds.

Layering a variety of engaging features, integrated departments, continuing columns, commentary, photos, and artwork, Portugal Living Magazine presents a wide variety of cutting-edge stories about people and places, news and information, and answers to questions about living in Portugal.

Different in content and purposes than Facebook groups and online forums, Portugal Living Magazine is updated daily with dozens of news stories and a wealth of irresistible pictures. We’ve spun off an interactive Facebook group, too – Portugal Living Q&A.

Portugal Living Magazine was recently honored for its excellence with a 2022 Marcom Gold Award in the Magazines category. MarCom Awards is an international creative competition administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals.

Muito obrigado from us, with (abraços) and *bjns* to you!

Bruce H. Joffe
Publisher/Creative Director
Portugal Living Magazine

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